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  • proper n. Alternative capitalization of sidhe.


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From an ellipsis of Irish aos sídhe (people of the fairy mound).


  • It's just that it turns out a lot of things make sense if you figure my great-grandfather was one of the Sidhe, is the thing.

    mrissa: I should have known when I got these earrings.

  • In fact, a lot of this novel is more reminiscent of Poul Anderson's time police type stories, if you added in Sidhe gods, and celtic magic powered superheroes like the Brothers and Sisters of Dragons, of course.

    Superhero Prose Fiction: King Arthur - The Kingdom Of the Serpent 1 Jack Of Ravens

  • Now, because many, many other folk than the Sidhe live in that place, we keep the name Sidhe and call the place where we live Underhill.

    This Scepter'd Isle

  • You might remember the name Sidhe from their work on early PSP and later Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ports of the excellent puzzle-racer Links

  • Over the eons, they grew smaller and eventually became known as the Sidhe or fairy folk, but even today they continue to inhabit and protect wooded glens and fields, streams, and bogs, still practicing their magic rituals.

    News for Richmond Times-Dispatch

  • But in forging his cat's-paw, he seemed to have imbued Parker Wheatley with a fixed conviction that the Sidhe were the implacable enemy of humanity and must be destroyed, and apparently Wheatley didn't intend to abandon his mission just because he'd lost his insider position in Washington.

    Music to My Sorrow

  • Beyond the Sidhe was a mixed mass of repulsive beings of all sizes.

    This Scepter'd Isle

  • Small wonder few people saw the Oldest Ones anymore, the ones the Celts had called the Sidhe; there was no place "safe" for them on the material plane anywhere near humans.

    The Gates Of Sleep

  • And leaving aside the question of what kind of Sidhe maniac would want to open up a Nexus in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world?

    Beyond World's End

  • "I want Mistress Scot-" Elizabeth now knew the Sidhe's name was Rhoslyn, but she always called the Sidhe in her world by their mortal-world names "'to know that my Denno is not an evil creature and did no harm.

    Ill Met By Moonlight


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