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  • n. a fictional race of dark elves in various fantasy settings, such as Dungeons & Dragons.
  • n. Drow language, a fictional constructed language spoken by the Drows.

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  • of draw.

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  • To dry.
  • n. A cold mist; a drizzling shower.
  • n. One of a diminutive elfish race sup-posed by superstitious people in the Shetland islands to reside in hills and caverns, and to be curious artificers in iron and precious metals.


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  • I had a couple of wonderful old Gygax modules and a Fiend Folio entry on drow, and well, that's about it.

    The SF Signal Gang Talks with the Salvatores about Fantasy, Elves and Swordplay

  • R. A. Salvatore has written numerous books trilogies even about Drizzt, his drow hero.

    The Shadow People by Margaret St. Clair

  • According to the Grognardia blog it is the book that inspired Gary Gygax's drow, or evil elves.

    The Shadow People by Margaret St. Clair

  • In the D&D/WOW/rpg world, a drow is as accepted as taxi cabs are in the real world.

    The Shadow People by Margaret St. Clair

  • His most well known character is that of the drow, Drizzt.

    Archive 2010-02-01

  • Going based off a tip from a talking raven, Maimon decides to cross a dessert in order to catch up to the legendary drow, Drizzt, whom Maimon believes is in procession of his stone.

    Archive 2010-02-01

  • "Gully Overboard," in which they kept jumping, fall - ing, or pushing each other off the boat, leaving Woo - drow and Tasslehoff to toss them a rope and drag them back to the ship.


  • These Outer Planes included places of great good such as Mount Celestia and places of fell evil, such as the Abyss, home of the Dragonlance goddess Takhisis and the drow god Lolth, where the Blood War between the baatezu and tanar'ri raged for all eternity.

    The Worlds of D&D: Planescape

  • If a game has humans as mainly male and elves as mainly female, whether for aesthetic reasons or political reasons drow are matriarchal, well you're not going to pick that up.

    The virtual census

  • After ten books (three in the dark elf trilogy, three in the icewind dale trilogy and four in the legacy of the drow series), the characters are becoming familiar and the interaction and culture of the races are known quantities.

    Dusk Before the Dawn » 2007 » April


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