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  • n. A dramatic vocal style midway between speaking and singing.

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  • n. a style of dramatic vocalization between singing and speaking


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From German Sprechstimme.


  • I could take it until the term Sprechstimme popped up in an article on The Supremes.

    Buried Alive, The Biography of Janis Joplin

  • The mannerisms that drive some people crazy were all there — vaults into notes from initial consonants a floor or two below; sudden shifts into near-Sprechstimme stage whisper; slide-whistle floating in high, soft phrases; a certain slipperiness of vowel (“uh” became “eh” fairly consistently).

    To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow

  • A recording of Arnold Schönberg's Sprechstimme -style setting of Albert Giraud's poem sequence "Pierrot Lunaire" is played continually in the back room.

    A Teacher, a Student and Three Books

  • Nor is the singing allowed to be pretty: Much of it is delivered in a kind of Sprechstimme.

    Waging Underclass Warfare

  • Both roles featured the swooping phrases and extreme leaps characteristic of both Chinese opera and the 20th-century song-speech technique of Sprechstimme, emphasizing the nonhuman essence of these characters without resorting to caricature.

    The Sweet Smell of Success

  • Lucy Shelton was the soprano, singing with a text-driven timbral variety that ran the gamut from whispered Sprechstimme to soaring verismo; Christoph Altstaedt conducted.

    Magna Carter (3): The stuff that dreams are made of

  • A similar conceit was employed the following night to better effect, when eighth blackbird and the soprano Lucy Shelton performed Arnold Schoenberg's 1912 atonal masterpiece "Pierrot Lunaire," the work that introduced the world to Sprechstimme

    What Six Blackbirds Hatched

  • His Sprechstimme veered closer to singing than most, giving the impression of someone whose voice has been appropriated by another, racked by thunderous words that suddenly, haltingly spill out.

    Archive 2006-10-01

  • Sprechstimme -- an expressionist vocal technique that falls between singing and speaking.

    I've caught this viral video and must convey it to you.

  • I'll can the Sprechstimme and screams, and stick in some catchy rhythmic tunes, and we'll have a hit on our hands.

    Keep cool.


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