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  • The Teapublican attempt to take our country backwards is reflected historically in the kinds of backlash that accompany massive socio-cultural change.

    Mark Olmsted: Horror in the Bronx: How They Could Have Done It

  • The only thing in Teapublican circles worse than politicians is former politicans, especially ones that have enough baggage to fill a decent-sized semi or two.

    Shan Wells: Buh-Bye Pizza Guy

  • To the degree that no Teapublican candidate has the credibility or intellectual capacity to offer any cogent suggestions as to ameliorating the problems plaguing this country without betraying an actual, palpable stupidity speaks less to the problems they cite than to the shriekers themselves.

    Steven Weber: Tea Party in a Cuckoo's Nest

  • In fact, as recent polling indicates, only 26%-30% of Americans - the Teapublican "base" - wants to repeal health care reform, while as many as 43% actually want to change it so that it does more than it does now!

    Rep. Connolly Blasts GOP Attempt to Bring Back "Pre-existing Conditions"

  • Unfortunately, the economy he saved from a second Depression couldn't recover far and fast enough to spare us from the most recent zag of the Teapublican sweep of the midterms.

    Mark Olmsted: Taking Comfort in the Zig-Zagging of American History

  • Ah shucks, what's one weekend when the Teapublican House takes an entire week off for every two weeks worked? Top headlines

  • Maine has become a living laboratory for the Teapublican agenda, and, so far, the mice aren't too happy! Top headlines

  • Of course ask a Teapublican and they would want them booted too, so they are ALL full of crap. Top headlines

  • All the Teapublican hypocrites, on Social Security, SS Disability, getting food stamps, enlisting in the military because you couldn't get a job in the private sector, receiving survivor benefits or $1,000 tax credit per child, getting Pell Grants, foster parenting, all of you right-wingers on the government dole -- YOU TEST FIRST. Top headlines

  • Teapublicans get their facts from Limbaugh, Beck and Palin....all who are raking in 100's of millions of dollars just to keep the Teapublican base all full in misinformation, lies and hatred. Top headlines


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  • First seen (by me, anyway) in the following article: Tea Partiers aim to remake local GOP | Cincinnati.Com: (as "Tea-publicans," with a dash.)

    "Republican leaders in some parts of the country are more than a little distressed over the possibility of a "Tea-publicans" taking over the party structure, but, in Hamilton County, chairman Alex Triantafilou has been encouraging them to run - although he said he hopes they focus on running for slots that are not already filled."

    February 1, 2010