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  • adj. of Earth; of terrestrial origin
  • n. an inhabitant of Earth; a human


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  • They kept no long-term Terran prisoners and never had.

    Storm Over Warlock

  • "Because the Terran was the only one who recognized the important thing about Enre's report: Terra's direct contact with the Robot Brain on Arkon 3 without any communication with this ... this Atlan!"

    Pigeons Having Sex On An Air Conditioner In New York

  • A Terran was the chief of an interstellar narcotics ring.

    Horn : Green

  • Day after tomorrow -- Terran, that is -- I'm off for Lannach, to lay certain proposals before the Commander of the Great Flock and his councillors.

    A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows

  • When the band disbanded, Ian started to revisit his roots, soon forming another band called Terran 52.

    Junk - Latest Happenings

  • They weren't really cactus, but resembled cactus more than they did any other kind of Terran plant.

    Beowulf's Children

  • "I hope Paula will pardon me, but isn't Paula the kind of Terran that bears young?"

    Uller Uprising

  • He wondered why his human ruhar had started to say "Terran" and switched in mid-word to "human."

    Fearful Symmetry A Terran Empire novel

  • "Terran," Atlan said finally, "this very day the order will go out to the Arkon Imperium for total mobilization.

    Caller from Eternity

  • I never bore any, yet, but that's the kind of Terran I am. "

    Uller Uprising


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