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  • proper n. The eleventh month of the French Republican Calendar, from July 19 or 20 to August 18 or 19.


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From Ancient Greek θέρμη ("heat") + δῶρον ("gift").


  • "Thermidor" it is estimated that more than three million people assisted at what they rightly, or wrongly, considered as a "spectacle" staged only for their amusement.

    Royal Palaces and Parks of France

  • On October 5th the company did Sardou's big drama of "Thermidor" for the first time on any stage, with another one of the casts for which Charles

    Charles Frohman: Manager and Man

  • "Thermidor," France, Virgil Vernier Balint Kenyeres


  • Yet as the Revolution slowed, the phrase receded.136 With Thermidor, or the end of Revolutionary Terror, newspapers and local governments urged citizens to remove it.


  • Yeltsin starts out as the “radical,” but, around 1994, has to guillotine his inner Robespierre to preside over the Thermidor.

    The Return

  • The radicals are, in turn, deposed, initiating a period of stabilization “Thermidor”, in which new elites, enriched by the redistribution of property, dominate.

    The Return

  • The menu from a Waldorf-Astoria chef is similarly classic, with apps like Oysters Rockefeller baked w/ Pernod, and crispy poached egg-topped beef tartare, fronting mains like a 2lb Gruyere-crusted lobster Thermidor, short rib stroganoff, and a double-cut Coke pork chop, though most of the actors around would order "hold the pork chop".

    Thrillist: The Astor Room: Live Music, Decadent Food, and Old School Style in (Gasp) Queens

  • Lobster Thermidor lay beside Kobe beef on porcelain plates decorated with large, federal eagles rendered in 24-karat gold.

    Conceived in the New Liberty

  • To historians, Thermidor denotes any era of waning political ardor.

    The GOP 'Victory Lap'

  • That's where Deng Xiaoping kicked off his "reform and opening" program by welcoming investment across the border from Hong Kong, and he toured the zone in 1992 as part of his famous "southern tour" that liberated the entrepreneurs from the post-Tiananmen Thermidor.

    Waving the Democracy Flag


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