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  • n. Mythology Odysseus.

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  • proper n. Latin name form of Odysseus

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  • n. (Roman mythology) Roman spelling for Odysseus


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin Ulixēs, Ulyssēs, from Greek dialectal Olusseus, variant of Greek Odusseus.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Latin Ulyssēs, a frequent error for Ulixēs ("Odysseus"), influenced by the Ancient Greek Ὀδυσσεύς (Odusseus).


  • [Illustration: ULYSSES GAVE THE ARROW WING] "I have brought no shame to you," said Ulysses, turning to Telemachus,

    Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 4

  • And this sort of reminded me of a character in "Ulysses," a Senor Artifoni, who was never characterized as beyond a pair of stout trouser legs.

    Oliver Sacks: A Neurologist Examines 'The Mind's Eye'

  • As the name implies ( "Ulysses" is a Romanization of "Odysseus"), Ulysses is organized around the Greek myth known as the Odyssey.

    'Ulysses' in Chinese

  • It’s by no means a perfect or final reading of the book — it dramatically undervalues, I think, the overawing transformative potential of everyday sensory experience, which in Ulysses is the only thing of any value in the world, as the aside on epiphanic handjobs implicitly admits — but it’s an interesting and worthwhile one.

    Ulysses and retrograde dystopias « Gerry Canavan

  • Ulysses is the Roman interpretation of the Greek hero Odysseus.

    In Which I Fail to Tempt the Gods

  • (Edit: The text of the eighteenth chapter (or episode) of Ulysses is here.)

    Wordle: two’s company, three’s a cloud

  • For me, the Molly Bloom soliloquy at the end of Ulysses is the paragon of this.

    What is Literary Fiction?

  • Who now thinks Joyce's Ulysses is not carefully wrought, even though at the time of its publication it was perceived as chaotic?

    Only Change and No Urns?

  • Ulysses is a rewriting of the Odyssey; the Biblical echoes in Faulkner are deafening; some readers might think Henry James stole from himself and wrote the same few stories over and over again.

    Principles of Literary Criticism

  • Ulysses is the first spacecraft to survey the environment in space above and below the poles of the Sun in the four dimensions of space and time.

    Ulysses bites the stardust


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