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  • Part of my preparations for life in Uz is to take in as much luxurious American life as I can.

    The Little Things

  • Listed below are links to weblogs that reference 4th of July in Uz:

    4th of July in Uz

  • There is also advice from a current PCV in Uz that I've updated in orange.

    Uz Packing Advice (updated 05.11.03)

  • … And when I think I may be deprived while I'm in Uz, I remember those I strive to help, and they anchor me and point the way …

    My Guiding Compass

  • I'm sure you're well prepared for life in Uz, but if you've any questions, doubts, or whatever else, feel free to ask.

    Bye! Bye! Battle Road

  • Rawlinson, in his deciphering of the Assyrian inscriptions, states that "Uz is the prevailing name of the country at the mouth of the Euphrates."

    Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

  • Their current programs in Uz are quite extensive, including university exchanges for Uzbek students to attend American universities, internships for Uzbek business leaders in American firms, building up internet resources and training for professionals, setting up public advocacy groups as well as beefing up the legal environment for NGO’s to operate ... just to name a few.

    IREX and Extranea

  • Literally and figuratively speaking. 'cause I think that's what you'll be doing in Uz. 8 weeks!

    8 Weeks 'Til Uzbekistan!!!

  • Here is the Peace Corps contact information if anyone has questions about my safety and status while at post in Uz. In the event of an emergency, they have the latest information as to my status and whereabouts if you cannot get in touch with me.

    Questions and Emergencies

  • I have a few questions about life in Uz. Would you email me as I can't contact you from the link.

    Questions and Emergencies


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  • "Job is a monotheist but not an Israelite; he lives in 'the land of Uz,' which Alter glosses as 'a never-never land somewhere to the east.'

    – Adam Kirsch, "Counter-Revelations", review of The Wisdom Books, new translations of Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes by Robert Alter (Norton & Co.), on The New Republic book review website "The Book",

    October 26, 2010