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  • 'Vancouverism' relies upon government intervention and arm twisting to enforce a new social vision, which the overwhelming majority of people respond to by driving away from, taking their tax base with them.

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  • Vancouverism , a distinct architectural and urbanist genre, and was also the first city on the continent to open a legal supervised injection center, where heroin and cocaine users can shoot up in the presence of medical professionals, safe from the threat of overdose and arrest. News

  • An exhibition to celebrate Vancouverism is being held at Canada House in London Harry McGrath: Frustrated by the kill-joys who won't embrace the Homecoming project

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  • It's just the kind of psuedo intellectualism that makes up the Vancouverism doctrine.

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  • It's always a million laughs whenever the Vancouverism disciples start to tell people in the suburbs what's good for them.

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  • But when people in the Valley want an expanded freeway system and buses, they are told 'No!' by the Vancouverism experts.

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  • Your idea of what's reality and what's not is predicated on the Vancouverism assumptions that we can do things on the cheap.

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  • The Vancouverism doctrins have tended to restrict floorplates to less than 10,000 sf on the excuse that this will keep "sunlight on the street".

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  • The condominium towers that define the much-vaunted Vancouverism aren't all they're cracked up to be if a young professional such as herself can't afford to live in them.

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  • With Gordon Price facilitating the panel's deliberations, and one of the two sponsors being the City of Vancouver, I would expect that for any entry to be even partially successful it will have to adhere very strictly to the received orthodoxy of Vancouverism, the Gospel of Oberlander and Hardwick.

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  • 'Admittedly, the term Vancouverism makes some folks cringe - especially those who stubbornly equate it with social policy for lefties, reckless density, or urban planning that caters to the rich and squeezes out the middle class.

    But if we step back and take the politics and class battles out of the term, we can appreciate its true essence - urban spaces and buildings that blend seamlessly with nature, with transportation choices to match. At its best, say the exhibit's curators ... Vancouverism "brings together a deep respect for the natural environment with high concentrations of residents."'

    - Derek Moscato, "Games shine light on Vancouverism", Metro Vancouver edition, 15-2-10.

    February 17, 2010