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  • n. In ornithology, same as Vaza.


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  • Missing Peter (inevitable), enjoying the weather (hot, sunny, a touch humid), and working (also inevitable: Vasa is going to have to wait for the next trip, I’m afraid).

    If this is Friday, it must be Sweden | Diane Duane's weblog: "Out of Ambit"

  • It was built just to show off a ship called the Vasa which sank in Stockholm's harbor almost 400 years ago.


  • His experience was much needed as the Vasa was to be the mightiest warship in the world, armed with 64 guns on two gundecks.

    The Disaster of the Vasa

  • When Hervey -- then known as Vasa -- promised to procure him the mummy of the last Inca, Braddock was extremely pleased.

    The Green Mummy

  • Until some other way is found and actually prescribed by Rome, bishops such as Vasa can fulminate all they like without really accomplishing anything.

    Bringing back heresy

  • So he looked for, and got, a second military opinion from former Navy Lt. Gustavus Vasa Fox, who had an ingenious and ultimately untested plan to relieve the fort by sea.

    Lessons of Fort Sumter

  • "Sterilization has the direct effect of destroying a properly functioning part of the human body," Vasa said in a telephone interview.

    Religious hospitals' restrictions sparking conflicts, scrutiny

  • Via Dara Sosulski, highlighting a sentence from a scientific paper she was reading, “The ping-pong cycle acts independently of Piwi and Armitage but requires the function of Aubergine, the RNA helicases Spindle-E and Vasa, and the Tudor-domain protein Krimper.”


  • Similarly, St. Charles hospital in Bend, Oregon, refused to accede to demands from Bishop Robert Vasa to stop performing tubal ligations for women seeking to limit their pregnancies.

    Barbara Coombs Lee: Sierra Vista Chooses Community Over Catholicism

  • LifeSiteNews. com interviews Bishop Robert Vasa of the Diocese of Baker, Oregon, about President Obama's health care legislation:



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