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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • A river, about 349 km (217 mi) long, of southwest-central France flowing generally northwest to the Loire River.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. a town in south central France where is 1311-1313 the Roman Catholic Church held one of its councils
  • n. the council in 1311-1313 that dealt with alleged crimes of the Knights Templar, planned a new crusade, and took on the reformation of the clergy


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  • I wrote a short story first which was set in Vienne, with Thomas as the main character, decided I really did like this setting, and started the novel.

    January 5th, 2007

  • In Ile-Rien (or, at least, in Vienne) homosexuality seems to be not exactly mainstream, but tolerated -- Morane's blackmailing incident seems to have been more about the young man's simultaneous engagement to a woman than about the existence of the affair entirely (unless I'm viewing it wrong), and Nicholas's not-entirely-unreceptive attitude to Morane indicates that it wasn't actively abhorrent on principle, at the least (unless, again, that's just Nicholas) -- so, it seems, attitudes are roughly similar to more tolerant European cultures of the analagous time period.

    October 9th, 2007

  • Then it was that Vienne was called Vienne the Holy -- because, while losing nothing of her splendours temporal, she gained great store of splendours spiritual: whereof the culmination was that famous Council, at the beginning of the fourteenth century, which crushed the Templars and gave over their possessions to the Crown.

    The Christmas Kalends of Provence And Some Other Provençal Festivals

  • When at last they did come, the Romans transformed the town into a great city -- the metropolis of the region lying between Geneva and Marseille; and so adorned it with noble buildings -- temples, forum, circus, theatre, aqueducts, baths -- and so enriched it with all manner of works of art, that it came to be known as Vienne the Beautiful throughout the civilized world.

    The Christmas Kalends of Provence And Some Other Provençal Festivals

  • Vienne, which is mentioned by several of the Roman historians under its present name, was the capital of the Allobroges, and I looked upon it with a new and strange interest, on calling to mind my school-boy days, when I had become familiar with that war-like race, in toiling over the pages of Cæsar.

    Views a-foot

  • This was followed by a stint at La Pyramide in Vienne in western France, where he was mentored by Fernand Point.

    Chef Paul Bocuse Harks Back to His Youth

  • The other four, including the pilot and co-pilot, died in the aircraft as it crashed in the fields of Vienne, France.

    Dorian de Wind: One Constancy of War: The Youth of Those Who Fight and Die

  • L'Isle-Jourdain, France -- No, not much has happened or is happening in this tiny, sleepy, French town -- some might call it a village -- nestled in the Vienne River valley in central France that would warrant a "dateline."

    Dorian de Wind: One Constancy of War: The Youth of Those Who Fight and Die

  • In 1998, the people of Persac and of the Vienne region erected a simple but touching monument on the side of a narrow, winding road in memory and in honor of those American heroes.

    Dorian de Wind: One Constancy of War: The Youth of Those Who Fight and Die

  • Christel Ferrier-Bruneau, (FRA), Vienne Futuroscope, at 1: 30 8.

    Zdenek Stybar, Katie Compton win cyclocross World Cup opener


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