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William of Occam


from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. English scholastic philosopher and assumed author of Occam's Razor (1285-1349)


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  • And when this view combined with William of Occam's "razor"—the principle that the best argument is the one with the fewest unnecessary parts—philosophers eventually felt emboldened to exclude God from any explanation of natural phenomena: and, in time, from any argument at all.

    Blame It on Calvin & Luther

  • The 14th century English logician William of Occam theorized that all things being equal, the simplest or most obvious of two explanations is typically the correct one today known as "Occam's Razor".

    Dean Garfield: A Tale of Two Deficit Debate Outcomes

  • Only very recently, I discovered that Ockham is the birthplace of William of Occam c. 1288 - c. 1348, of Occam's Razor fame I had always known him as William of Occam, so I had never made the connection.

    Because I could

  • It relies on deductive logic which William of Occam would have been okay with to identify the truth in pursuit of justice.

    The Sins of the Father, by Catherine Hanley. Book review.

  • The fourteenth-century English theologian William of Occam wrote that when searching for answers and explanations, the simplest theory is usually right.


  • If on the other hand you are saying that when we have no good evidence for or against any of several competing hypotheses, there is no good reason to prefer one of them (provisionally) over the others, then William of Occam and I disagree with you, as it only makes sense to me to start with the one with the fewest unknown parameters, until more evidence shows the need for more parameters.


  • The later Scholastics merely emphasized the intrinsic goodness of the natural law against the nominalism of William of Occam, who held that the validity of the natural law depended solely on the arbitrary will of God, Who could, if He so willed, make murder a natural right.

    Opposing the Austrian Heresy

  • Complain what you want about this but remember that William of Occam was both a theist and pre-scientific.

    Occam's Hammer: Creationist Rhetoric and the Myth of Philosophical Naturalism - The Panda's Thumb

  • Violent war of propaganda: Marsiglio of Padua (Defensor Pacis, 1324) and William of Occam, defending the imperial position, gave wide currency to conciliar ideas; Dante's De Monarchia.

    f. The Holy Roman Empire

  • William of Occam, one of Earth's pioneers in scientific method, established that one must not multiply logical entities without sufficient reason.

    Spock Must Die


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