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  • The historian Willem van Schendel of the University of Amsterdam coined the name Zomia in 2002, as a way of challenging the continent's traditional geographical boundaries.

    Boston Globe -- Ideas section

  • He calls Zomia a “shatter zone,” a place where people go to escape the raw deal that complex civilization historically has been for those at the bottom: the coerced labor and conscription into military service, the taxation for wars and pharaonic building projects, the epidemic diseases that came with intensive agriculture and animal husbandry.

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  • If indeed the Zomia region of Asia is a functioning quasi-anarchy, no doubt its success at self-preservation comes in part from the warrior spirit of people such as the Hmong.

    Libertarian Blog Place

  • The author, an eminent authority on Southeast Asian agrarian studies, tells the story of the people of Zomia and their unlikely odyssey in search of self-determination.

    The Hindu - Front Page

  • As Scott writes, Zomia "represents one of the world's longest-standing and largest refuges of populations who live in the shadow of states but who have not yet been fully incorporated."

    Anarchist news dot org - Comments

  • Zomia is an alternate world, a realm of mutable, outlaw cultures, creating almost no empires and resisting being incorporated into those that originated elsewhere.

    Anarchist news dot org - Comments

  • In Zomia, elevation not only compounds distance but supersedes it, so that people living several hundred miles apart but at the same altitude can have nearly identical cultures - but little in common with neighbors who live lower or higher in the hills.

    Anarchist news dot org - Comments

  • What the inhabitants of Zomia, in all their diversity, broadly show, he argues, is that given sanctuary by geography, people can prove as eager to reject the basic tenets of civilization as to embrace them, and that the communities that result aren't necessarily caldrons of savagery and chaos.

    Anarchist news dot org - Comments

  • As a result, since World War II, Zomia has lost much of its distinctive wildness.

    Anarchist news dot org - Comments

  • Zomia is a rugged swath of Asia that for 2,000 years has remained culturally aloof from the traditional centers of power and the pull of empires.

    Anarchist news dot org - Comments


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  • An 'anarchist' zone of Southeast Asia as defined by Willem van Schendel.

    February 21, 2013