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  • To all the Extremist's Biggot's and Closed Hearted Mo Fro's we will leave You here as we accent to the heavens ya 'know ... you a-rabs have been killing Americans since 1968 ... remember Bobby Kennedy?


  • What will you do about Energy Independence? the 2nd one took me aback - kept expecting to hear complaints about $4/gas or 'those damn a-rabs!', but no - independence was on everyone's mind and at least 60% of them understood fossil fuels were not the way to go this was once a very red, very republican county - and none of the usual Off Shore/ANR/More Refineries flim flammery is working

    New Obama Energy Ad Hits Back At GOP

  • Get real... those a-rabs are serious, even if you're not.

    So much hostility

  • Why do you think the jews have all the money and the a-rabs, in spite of sitting on trillions worth of well, are all on the dole?

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Former Leader of the Southern Baptist Convention

  • KAHANE WAS RIGHT! had he been elected there would have been no terrorist attacks and no claims of ‘occupying the “palestinian” territories’ cos there would have been no a-rabs in israel. u should thank G-d that there r ppl hu r trying 2 revive his party b/c if nothing haapens soon, that will be the end of israel.

    Tearing Down the Synagogue of Hate | Jewschool

  • You're obviously a very smart person who was a war hero who killed 10349308 of dem a-rabs.

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • We are, after all, a nation of prudish, preening moralists who bemoan our decay but simply cannot disguise the tenting in our pants at the thought of killing wayward a-rabs, of violent, homoerotic gay bashing, of militaristic imperialist fantasies, of obscene gore, and most of all, of hypersexualizing women while demanding their purity.


  • August 13th, 2004 at 5: 50 pm wow, do you honestly feel that way? you need to be detained for the safety of those around you. thats like my neighbor who thinks we should kill all the “a-rabs” in the middle east and take the oil because he think’s its rediculous to pay 1.90 for gas. money should never be componsated in lives, either taken, or ruined

    Blaster Master fire storm

  • Yes I’m so glad exley explained the difference to me, dem a-rabs all look da same to me, dur.

    Think Progress » 9/11 Commissioner: Terror Plot Shows Danger of Putting ‘All Our Intelligence and Military Resources in Iraq’

  • He’s highly ideological, but he does generally seem like a sane and reasonable person, at least when he’s not talking about how enthusiastic he is about killin them a-rabs.

    Reactions to Kitzmiller decision continue - The Panda's Thumb


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  • Didn't realise this has been around for so long.

    September 9, 2008