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  • noun A book containing accounts, especially one containing a record of sales, purchases, and payments; a ruled book for entering details of receipts and expenditures.


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  • In nearby Argos, Mr. Cartledge considers the Dorians, a people of obscure origins who seem to have invaded during the so-called Dark Age of Greece, the period between the appearance in the 13th century B.C. of the Linear B account-book writings and the debut in mid-eighth century B.C. of Greek written in the alphabet still used today.

    When Trouble in Athens Meant Sparta

  • When he opened his shop, he saw the droppings of the wax and the account-book lying on the floor, and looking round, found four bales of stuffs missing.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • The boys were called in, my own little account-book was dragged out of my cupboard, to prove how much I had received from each, and every farthing of my money was paid back to them.

    The Fatal Boots

  • The pale, shrivelled-looking man slowly and deliberately raised his head from the account-book, and surveyed me for a moment or two; not the slightest emotion was observable in his countenance.


  • The other, a pale, shrivelled-looking person, sat at a table apparently engaged with an account-book; he took no manner of notice of me, never once lifting his eyes from the page before him.


  • On the morrow, Caroline found Shirley sitting gravely at her desk, with an account-book, a bundle of bank-notes, and a well-filled purse before her.

    Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte

  • I found besides a large account-book, which, when opened, hopefully turned out to my infinite consternation to be filled with verses — page after page of rhymed doggerel of a jovial and improper character, written in the neatest minute hand I ever did see.

    Falk, by Joseph Conrad

  • I have put the last commissions of MD in my account-book; but if there be any former ones, I have forgot them.

    The Journal to Stella

  • Mahbub laughed a great deal, and advised him to make up a written report as well; and in the back of the big account-book that lay under the flap of


  • The child slipped the paper over the winking jewels and scribbled in a native account-book.



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