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  • verb Present participle of accrete.


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  • We're kind of small but we're not what you'd call accreting

    Marshmallow Road

  • We're kind of small but we're not what you'd call accreting

    Marshmallow Road

  • But if another star is near enough, the white dwarf may start taking on mass ( "accreting") from its neighbor until it reaches a critical limit, known as the Chandrasekhar mass.


  • The lesson that Comic-Con may have learned from Woldcon is that starting with a common interest and accreting all sorts of marginally-related additional interest groups opens up amazing growth opportunities at the expense of a coherent audience focus and a requirement for massive efforts at crowd control and a consciousness of the practical limits of growth associated with physical facilities.

    MIND MELD: What Can Worldcon and Comic-Con Learn From Each Other?

  • Accretionary lapilli are formed in an eruption column or cloud by moisture or electrostatic forces, with the volcanic ash nucleating on some object and then accreting to it in layers before the accretionary lapillus falls from the cloud.

    Accretionary lapilli - The Panda's Thumb

  • Since the 1aSN which are caused from two white dwarfs colliding are more common and more variable than their accreting cousins.

    Merging White Dwarfs Set Off Supernovae | Universe Today

  •             Kicking open the door to the house, Larry's emotionally scarred father exhibits uncharacteristic energy and cheer — something unseen in the maelstrom of depression and accreting money troubles that has swallowed almost every particle of either over the two year process of his divorce.

    A Pair of Allowances

  • It is also easier to determine the mass of a white dwarf accreting energy from a known type of star, than it is to figure out the mass and total energy two colliding white dwarfs will release…. if you even happen to see them before they collide, which isn't likely.

    Merging White Dwarfs Set Off Supernovae | Universe Today

  • We talked a lot about what we start with, that sort of thing, and we talked about accreting enough from various sources to have an idea of where things are going.

    Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway

  • It's really interesting to follow this debris trail that's gradually merging with the Magellanic Stream and eventually accreting onto the inner halo of the Milky Way Galaxy.

    Spitzer, the Wallpaper Factory, Does it Again | Universe Today


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  • "'We've had a lot of changing in currents over the past decade or so,' explains Dr Taylor, 'and with the changing currents and increased storm activity in the fall especially, it's undercutting the gravels and the point is literally washing out into the ocean.'

    And as the point washes out, so do the bodies. What used to be an accreting spit - one building up - has become an eroding spit as the coastal ebbs and flows have changed their seasonal patterns, perhaps at the behest of global climate change.

    'It's eroding at about 20m per year; we only have an eight-week field season, and we need to cover at least 300m of shore,' she says. 'So it's salvage archaeology - we have to beat the erosion.'"

    - 'Bodies Point To Alaska's Past', Richard Black, BBC website 31 Dec 2007

    January 1, 2008