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  • n. A prefix to names of chemical compounds, signifying the presence of acetic acid or acetyl radical.


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  • The concentrated cotto mosto is then inoculated with a "mother of vinegar", a batch of vinegar alive with a culture of aceto-bacteria.

    Meathead Goldwyn: Balsamic Vinegar: Magnificence and Deception

  • The highest quality aceto balsamico is closer to a condiment than a normal vinegar and needs no herbs or spices to make its flavor shine.

    One Big Table

  • This would prevent the aceto bacterias from getting in there and turning my mash into apple cider vinegar, and it would keep out undesirable yeasts as well.


  • Improperium exspectavit cor meum, et miseriam: et sustinui, qui simul mecum contristaretur, et non fuit: consolantem me quaesivi, et non inveni: et dederunt in escam meam fel, et in siti mea potaverunt me aceto, potaverunt me aceto.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Certified bottles of aceto balsamico must be aged for at least 12 years and if certified will include the words "Tradizionale di Modena" on the label.

    John Tepper Marlin: Report from the Green Edge 1: The Organic World Congress

  • In the evenings a devoted crowd of regulars spills out onto the Fondamenta Priuli to drink at Enoteca Gia Schiavi, where there's also a delicious array of cicchetti: crostini with gorgonzola, apple, and aceto or pistachio-cheese cream as well as the classics, for only €1 each.

    Venice Crossings: A Traghetto Tour Reveals the City's Other Side

  • Da verbenam in potu et non erigetur virga sex diebus; utere mentha sicca cum aceto, genitalia illinita succo hyoscyami aid cicutae, coitus appelitum sedant, &c.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Aurei panes, aurea obsonia, vis Margaritarum aceto subacta, &c. 3254.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena (aceto balsamico tradizionale di Modena) is rare and expensive, starting at about €400 a liter.

    Made Expressly In Modena

  • Soolase kõrval on laual ka pudel oliiviõli ja aceto balsamico't.

    tatsutahime Diary Entry


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