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  • noun An animal belonging to the genus Dasyprocta, family Dasyproctidæ, of the hystricine series of the order Rodentia; the olive agouti or Surinam rat, Dasyprocta acouchy, inhabiting Guiana and some of the West India islands. It is related to the cavies, or guinea-pig family. See agouti and Dasyproctidæ. Also spelled acouchi and acuchi.

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  • noun (Zoöl.) A small species of agouti (Dasyprocta acouchy).

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  • noun the acouchi


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French acouchi, from the native name in Guiana.


  • Close relatives, the green and red acouchies (Myoprocta acouchy and Myoprocta exilis) also deserve study.

    15 Agouti

  • Later, during my post-doc period at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, walking in the steps of my Ph D advisor (Gérard Dubost) who was studying the ecology of acouchy and agouti in French Guiana, I experimented and analysed the role of those large rodents as both predators and dispersers when the scatterhoard seeds that they will later consume, though some might be forgotten, and establish as seedling. News

  • Mammals found only here or in few other Amazonian regions include primates such as tamarins (Saguinus midas), squirrel monkeys (Saimiri ustus), endangered titi monkeys (Callicebus moloch), marmosets (Callithrix argentatado), a number of rodents such as Coendou koopmani, Myoprocta acouchy, and arboreal rats (Echimys chrysurus and E. grandis), savanna foxes (Cerdocyon thous), and many bats.

    Gurupa varzea


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  • A South American rodent of the genus Myoprocta, also called the tailed agouti.

    December 31, 2007