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  • n. A making actual or really existent; noun form of actualize.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A making real or actual; the reducing of an idea to a state of actuality or existence; the state of being made actual. Also spelled actualisation.

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  • n. making real or giving the appearance of reality


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  • The only thing that stands between the people of Myanmar's quest for freedom and its actualization is merely time, and Indians of all people should know that.

    Amnesty International: Has India Abandoned Burma?

  • Where self-actualization is the need to "become everything that one is capable of becoming".

    Happiness Police, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • In short, self-actualization is reaching one's fullest potential.

    Feelin' good?

  • Maslow believed that you couldn't advance to self-actualization, which is the skill needed to lead a revolt against authority, until you had your physical, social, and safety needs met.

    Don McNay: Is Living a Normal Life a Political Statement?

  • It carries the risk of giving form and clarity to something that had previously been amorphous and ill-defined, and thus increases the chances of actualization, which is a problem whenever actualization involves commission of something that's either illegal or at least highly immoral.

    "Sending people to prison for five or 10 or 15 years for looking at pictures is killing an ant with a sledgehammer."

  • The word sadhana means a method of actualization, namely actualization of ourselves as the Buddha-figure for which we have received empowerment.

    Basic Features of Tantra

  • But not only are the sources and causes of their origination and growth the same as those of their destruction, but also the sphere of their actualization will be the same; for this is also true of the things which are more evident to sense, e.g. of strength; it is produced by taking much food and undergoing much exertion, and it is the strong man that will be most able to do these things.


  • Now, I am not suggesting that I, or anyone, strand myself on a deserted island in order to achieve this elusive "actualization" I am speaking of.

    Michael Yarbrough: Self-Actualization and the College Student

  • In large part, the Obama campaign built itself on the postmodern shift in American society towards self-actualization, meaning, customization and connectedness which has been explored in the literature on design, by political scientists like Ronald Inglehart, and expressed in the new type of business model featured in magazines like Fast Company. 21st century Americans demand more self-actualization in every aspect of their lives and Barack Obama was able to deliver on this politically through his campaign.

    The Next Right

  • Few of the women said their mothers were role models of power and actualization.

    Marcia Reynolds: The Truth about a Mother's Role in Her Daughter's Success


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