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  • n. A jet engine that propels aircraft by igniting fuel mixed with air taken and compressed by the engine in a fashion that produces greater exhaust than intake velocity.

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  • n. A jet engine in which forward motion forces air into an inlet, compressing it (as opposed to having a pump type device compressing the air for combustion with fuel), and where combustion is subsonic.

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  • n. a simple type of jet engine; must be launched at high speed


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  • The ramjet is a device for using the interstellar hydrogen as a means for propulsion.

    I Don’t Understand ?

  • In addition there are two separate and distinct improvements to something called a ramjet, another rocket part, the blueprints of an experimental aviation cannon, a new atmospheric analyzer, and the formula for some sort of steel—this last, it seems, highly experimental.


  • These fields are maintained by a "ramjet" effect, energy picked up from interstellar gas as we mosey along.

    The Forever War

  • Bussard's "ramjet" design used magnetic fields generated by the craft to scoop up the tenuous gas of interstellar space.

    New Scientist - Online News

  • Once the plane is cruising at an altitude of 32 kilometers, ramjet engines common to military aircraft would kick in to take the Zehst hypersonic.

    Going Hypersonic

  • Bussard ramjet - November 28, 2009 added by atkinson | Images mcs+ to rate

    Bussard ramjet | My[confined]Space

  • The main idea now is to develop an engine which is able to take the aircraft from the tarmac to mach 6+ using basically one engine which combines a turbojet, ramjet, and last but not least a scramjet.

    X-51 Waverider Set to Fly This Fall - NASA Watch

  • Considering how far the work on scramjets has gotten the main sticking point is a turbojet with the capacity to accelerate the craft to high mach 3 speed at which juncture the ramjet would take over and the turbojet would be hidden in an enclosure.

    X-51 Waverider Set to Fly This Fall - NASA Watch

  • Also develop combo jet/ramjet/scramjet in one engine or vehicle tech to cover the velocity range better.

    Would You Bring Back NGLT-or SLI? - NASA Watch

  • I'd look into scaling up the Air Force's successful X-37b spaceplane, then go after scramjet supersonic combustion ramjet technology that would allow aircraft to reach speeds beyond Mach 12.

    The Commercial Space Age Has Begun


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