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  • n. A healthcare professional who is qualified or professionally engaged in the practice of acupuncture.


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  • This acupuncturist is but half a mile from my home and has been nothing but kind to me.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Burger Lite 12 March

  • Chemo kills EVERYTHING – acupuncture works on falutly meridians that are blocked and has produced remarkable reversals on tumours: case in point my mother had an adenoma the size of a grapefruit on her thyroid – dr. s said we’ll have to cut out everything and you’ll have no voicebox – acupuncturist is reducing the tumour without surgical intervention.

    The post-surgery Kuato update : The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas

  • The acupuncturist was a block away from our apartment but had no available appointments for weeks.

    Times Two

  • Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal Acupuncture So when I pulled something in my leg while running one day the following week, an injury that left me hobbling pathetically, it was nice to know we had an acupuncturist in the family.

    Needled to Health

  • Apparently so well that she had the acupuncturist, Xin He, return every day for the next week.

    Needled to Health

  • The acupuncturist told me afterward that they were intended to relax the muscles and facilitate circulation; the right leg needle, by the way, was for "balance."

    Needled to Health

  • Painkillers didn't seem to help, so her resourceful housekeeper, who comes from Hong Kong, enlisted a neighborhood acupuncturist to visit her apartment and stick needles in her.

    Needled to Health

  • New Yorkers have their own peculiarities, not surprisingly caused by the breakneck pace of life—or as the acupuncturist put it, "Everybody is quickly."

    Needled to Health

  • I'm taking a revered ancestor to the acupuncturist hope he's not a quack! and should return by afternoon.

    Carolyn Bucior: Teacher Absences: What Would Jesus Say?

  • We spent the next two plus years traveling around the country and hanging out with all sorts of amazing people -- a Sufi mystic, a healer/acupuncturist, researchers, academics, an enlightenment teacher, a Buddhist Roshi, Native Americans, etc.

    Jonas Elrod: Wake Up -- Looking for Meaning


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