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  • noun uncountable The property of being additive
  • noun countable The extent to which something is additive


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  • Under such conditions, the modeled response of the stream becomes nonlinear, and the condition of "additivity" no longer holds when


  • In the context of the changes proposed by Nebraska, "additivity" means that the relationship described in Finding 17 is valid under all conditions.


  • Model output, do not reveal that the assumption of "additivity" to (θ - CKMN) under all conditions was made by either the representatives of the States that developed the


  • The other is the countable additivity of a measure function. nal Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Null Set Blogging

  • Axiom III amounts to finite additivity because Reichenbach's logic does not have infinite disjunctions (a finite restriction of Kolmogorov's third axiom, which postulates additivity of probabilities for countable, even infinite, disjoint sets), but axiom IV (at least its interpretation in terms of the chain rule) follows from Kolmorogov's first three axioms.

    Hans Reichenbach

  • It is important to note this early consideration of mixtures, at least for the relatively high levels of exposure experienced in occupational settings, even though 40 years later we are still grappling with how to advance beyond the simple concept of additivity.

    Regulation of toxic chemicals

  • Examples of chemical or drug additivity reactions are:

    Interaction of chemicals in the body

  • The Principal Principle underpins an argument (Lewis 1980) that whatever they are, propensities must obey the usual probability calculus (with finite additivity).

    Interpretations of Probability

  • The assumption of dose additivity is most acceptable when substances induce the same toxic effect by the same mechanism.

    Risk assessment of chemical substances

  • The presence of other chemicals may decrease toxicity (antagonism), add to toxicity (additivity), or increase toxicity (synergism or potentiation) of some xenobiotics.



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