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  • n. The call to prayer.


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From Arabic أذان (ʾaḏān).


  • The adhan is the call given to announce that it is time for a particular obligatory Salah (ritual Prayer).

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  • The person who gives the adhan is called a muadhdhin.

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  • Five times a day the adhan is raised from mosques throughout the world.

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  • The Sunnah (practice of the Prophet) recommends that while the adhan is being called, one should listen attentively and repeat it silently after the muadhdhin, but when he says “Hayya ‘ala-s-Salah” and “Hayya ‘ala-l-falah” one should say:

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  • Lawyers advised him to stop calling the adhan, but he said, No, I cannot. - Photown News

  • His first action after reaching his birthplace was to go to the mosque and call the adhan in Arabic. - Photown News

  • As soon as he was released, he went to the big mosque of Nicosia and called the adhan from its minaret. - Photown News

  • While he awaited the lawsuit, he went all over Nicosia and nearby villages calling the adhan from the minarets. - Photown News

  • "adhan" came courtesy of a recording blasted out by a crackly speaker; electricity arrived in the village only a few years ago.

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  • Aboard the thrumming, too-cold airliner, as the blinding warmth of the sun broke before us, I dreamed of Al-Mashriq, the place of sunrise, where I would drink chai bil nana my family and friends, and be comforted by the music of adhan times daily.

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  • The Islamic call to prayer.

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