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  • adj. Obscured.
  • adj. Foreshadowed.
  • adj. Depicted on a shield as an outline instead of as a solid figure.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of adumbrate.


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  • Too, the tone in which the survival and natural selection principles are adumbrated is obviously naturalistic.

    “The Kipling of the Klondike”: Naturalism in London's Early Fiction

  • What you've here adumbrated is why I have my bedside clock-radio set to wake me to the Today programme.

    Boaden Beats Her Own World Record

  • To that person is reserved the pleasure of fathoming the intention, of completing the idea adumbrated by the composer.

    Musical Portraits Interpretations of Twenty Modern Composers

  • Congratulations: This is the first time that I have encountered the word 'adumbrated' in print.


  • … Every time he closed his eyes, her adumbrated silhouette burnt with inedible precision into his retina, bought back the pain he was trying to run from.

    Extending Your Vocabulary « Write Anything

  • Nearly two and a half centuries after the Declaration of Independence, the grievances it adumbrated are belatedly coming true—but in Britain, rather than in North America.

    A Letter to America

  • The women of his own race and place had never adumbrated such a possibility.


  • Freshly out of rehab, Quirke begins drinking again and frankly, one can't blame him – there's his grim childhood on top of the daughter business (adumbrated here but detailed in the first two books), plus the fact that Dublin in the 50s was small-minded and stifling as well as foggy and soggy.

    Laura Wilson's crime fiction choice - review

  • It was an idea that had been making progress up to the moment the Cold War ended, one that went into limbo until the Bush administration and 9/11, and then began to be embedded in our new nuclear policy as adumbrated by a little noticed but terribly important change in U.S. nuclear doctrine.

    How the End Begins

  • Not a day more than thirty, his face, save for the adumbrated puff sacks under the eyes, was as smooth and lineless as a boy's.

    Chapter II


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  • As his close associate on most of his ventures at that time, Winston Lord, adumbrated these heady days to the author, "U.S. foreign policy was at an absolute peak," with the Nixon-Kissinger team looking "poised to continue to build a structure of peace."


    1973, the Crucial Year

    By Alistair Horne

    August 5, 2009