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  • If she bid them they will go barefoot to Jerusalem, to the great Cham's court, [5452] to the East Indies, to fetch her a bird to wear in her hat: and with Drake and Candish sail round about the world for her sweet sake, adversis ventis, serve twice seven years, as Jacob did for Rachel; do as much as [5453] Gesmunda, the daughter of

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Prospera in adversis desidero, et adversa prosperis timeo, quis inter haec medius locus, ubi non fit humanae vitae tentatio?

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Caussa Dei et religionis naturalis adversis atheismum.

    18th Century German Philosophy Prior to Kant

  • For to speak in a word, envy is nought else but Tristitia de bonis alienis, sorrow for other men's good, be it present, past, or to come: et gaudium de adversis, and [1697] joy at their harms, opposite to mercy, [1698] which grieves at other men's mischances, and misaffects the body in another kind; so

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • _ -- Livy believes in the influence of the gods on human affairs: ix. 1, 11, 'cum rerum humanarum maximum momentum sit, quam propitiis rem, quam adversis agant dis.'

    The Student's Companion to Latin Authors

  • Ita, quod in adversis rebus optaverant otium, postquam adepti sunt, asperius acerbiusque fuit.

    C. Sallusti Crispi De Bello Catilinario Et Jugurthino

  • Neque diutius Numidae resistere quivissent, ni pedites cum equitibus permixti magnam cladem in congressu facerent; [318] quibus illi freti, non uti equestri proelio solet, sequi, dein cedere, sed adversis equis concurrere, implicare ac perturbare aciem; ita expeditis peditibus suis hostes paene victos dare.

    C. Sallusti Crispi De Bello Catilinario Et Jugurthino

  • Pauci autem, quos medios [349] cohors praetoria disjecerat, paulo diversius, sed omnes tamen adversis vulneribus [350] conciderant.

    C. Sallusti Crispi De Bello Catilinario Et Jugurthino

  • Pascendi dominici gregis mandatum ", etc. The conclusion takes the following form: --" Nos vero, pignus caritatis Nostræ divinique in adversis solatii, Apostolicam

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 5: Diocese-Fathers of Mercy

  • You recall, perhaps, that eloquent passage in his noble defence of the poet Archias, wherein Cicero (not Kikero) refers to his own pursuit of literary studies: "Hæc studia adolescentiam alunt, senectutem oblectant; secundas res ornant, adversis perfugium ac solatium præbent; delectant domi, non impediunt foris; pernoctant nobiscum, peregrinantur, rusticantur!"

    The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac


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