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  • n. A practitioner of aeromancy


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  • To the Lairmates - mosat, falfox, solfox, Lady K - and old lairmate who came back into town aeromancer.

    short version/long version

  • And of course it was great to see the now-somewhat-scarce aeromancer, plus other Villainous Lair mates falfox, mosat, and solfox.

    groggy, grumpy and gummy-eyed

  • Tonight, there will be a par-tay at god_magnus's dad's place (long story), and our beloved aeromancer will be in town from Atlanta ... so it's safe to assume that there won't be much literary productivity taking place this evening.

    *insert 70s pseudo-porno-disco music here*

  • Most Confusing Costume award goes to our beloved master chef aeromancer, who sported fairy wings, devil horns, swim goggles, The Crowesque eye makeup and enough glitter to frighten mariah carey. i'm not sure what he was shooting for, but he definitely hit the "weird" bullseye.

    (for those who wonder, Part ONE was the toe-spraining incident)

  • Theleb K'aarna had a respect born of fear for the powers of the aeromancer, the rare wizard who could control the wind elementals-and aeromancy was only one of the arts which Elric and his ancestors possessed.

    The Bane of The Black Sword

  • moriarty6 and me, then me with aeromancer did i mention it was packed? dig moriarty there in "the pit"

    stolen picture post!


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