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  • n. A technique for growing plants without soil or hydroponic media. The plants are held above a system that constantly mists the roots with nutrient-laden water. Also called aeroculture.

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  • n. The growing of plants without either soil or hydroponics but in a mist-laden atmosphere.


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aero- + (hydro)ponics.

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From Ancient Greek ἀήρ (“air”) + Ancient Greek πονος (ponos, “work, labour”).


  • They're growing with a method called aeroponics, which utilizes moist air to reduce water usage.

    Sustainable: Plants Get Spidey Sense

  • Some of the techniques are based in aeroponics, which is a technology that grows plants using air or mist and not soil, and hydroponics, which grows plants in nutrient and mineral-rich solutions in water, also without using soil.

    ABC News: Top Stories

  • As I said in my original post, I'm talking about aeroponics.

    Cooksey-Talbott's Vertical Panorama Landscapes - Boing Boing

  • But with the demand for fresh, organic produce booming, Mr Bissonette saw a potentially huge market for an aeroponics system that looked good, was easy to use, and worked with the kind of crops (tomatoes, strawberries, legal herbs) that home kitchens need.

    Seed capitalism « Isegoria

  • Originally developed by NASA, aeroponics accelerates the speed at which plants grow by drizzling nutrients onto their roots, which dangle in the air instead of being planted in soil.

    Seed capitalism « Isegoria

  • Commercial aeroponics systems have long been available, but they were big, clunky and expensive (at around $900 each) — not consumer friendly.

    Seed capitalism « Isegoria

  • ITS SO SIMPLE by MARGARET BASET on Sunday, Jan 18, 2009 at 4: 54: 28 AM hydroponics/aeroponics alternative food production methods by Axin Arbili on Sunday, Jan 18, 2009 at 12: 42: 45 PM

    The Food Crisis

  • Young people forming a company to implement hydroponics or aeroponics on the roof or houses or other places and taking charge of periodically monitoring the chemical compound of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and trace elements: sulfur, magnesium, and calcium forming the fertilizer, would surely have a growing business in their hand as the idea becomes fashionable and may even develop into a tradition.

    Arab Times Kuwait English Daily

  • Recently an example of aeroponics has been implemented inside one of our malls for aesthetic purpose, but it could be implemented on a grand scale or on a limited scale everywhere else.

    Arab Times Kuwait English Daily

  • Since growing aeroponics is an advanced build and aeroponic grow systems are more difficult to construct, we recommend watching the other videos in the Hydroponics How To series first at www. - Articles related to New technology improves nutritional quality of leafy green veggies


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  • Science of growing plants in the absence of soil while suspended in the air; Essential nutrients and water are periodically sprayed on the roots to provide moisture and sustenance.

    May 1, 2010