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  • noun Plural form of agouty.


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  • Game of all sorts in consequence abounded at the Chimneys, capybaras, pigeons, agouties, grouse, etc.

    The Mysterious Island

  • Notwithstanding the bad weather, the settlers renewed their stores of different things, stone-pine almonds, rhizomes, syrup from the maple-tree, for the vegetable part; rabbits from the warren, agouties, and kangaroos for the animal part.

    The Mysterious Island

  • Here and there turkeys showed themselves with their milk and coffee-colored plumage; and peccaries, a sort of wild pig highly appreciated by lovers of venison, and agouties, which are the hares and rabbits of Central America; and tatous belonging to the order of edentates, with their scaly shells of patterns of mosaic.

    Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon

  • Instead of clearing vast areas of rainforest for cattle pasture, as is being done in much of Latin America, people might well "farm" agouties in the forests.

    15 Agouti

  • He kept on ahead, then, lost in thought, followed by Tartlet, who by his shouts and gestures, kept together the flock of sheep, agouties, goats, and poultry.

    Godfrey Morgan A Californian Mystery

  • There were a dozen agouties, five or six sheep, and as many goats, who were quietly browsing on the first vegetation on the very edge of the prairie.

    Godfrey Morgan A Californian Mystery

  • The care of the domestic animals, the collection of the roots and fruits, the cutting up of the sheep or agouties, which were to serve for food for the day, the fabrication of a sort of cider they extracted from the wild manzanilla apples, -- he acquitted himself well in all these tasks, after having seen them done.

    Godfrey Morgan A Californian Mystery

  • Fortunately neither the sheep nor the agouties, nor the goats experienced the like temptation.

    Godfrey Morgan A Californian Mystery

  • A thought flashed across the mind of Godfrey, and it was correct: it was that these hens, agouties, goats, and sheep had belonged to the _Dream_.

    Godfrey Morgan A Californian Mystery

  • Evidently, cocks and hens, and sheep, goats and agouties, driven by instinct, had resolved to go with them.

    Godfrey Morgan A Californian Mystery


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  • Variant spelling of agoutis, listed in MW3.

    November 3, 2007