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  • noun Fear of sexual abuse.


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  • Satan Satanophobia scabies scabiophobia school (of going to) didaskaleinophobia scientific terms (complex) or Greek terms Hellenologophobia scratched (being) amychophobia sea thalassophobia semen spermatophobia sermons homilophobia sex (opposite) sexophobia sexual abuse agraphobia sexual feelings erotophobia sexual intercourse coitophobia sexual perversion paraphobia shadows sciophobia shellfish ostraconophobia shock hormephobia sin hamartophobia single (staying) anuptaphobia sitting down thaasophobia sitting still cathisophobia skin lesions dermatophobia skin disease dermatosiophobia

    pangsuan Diary Entry

  • em - ironically, I had overcome a type of agraphobia Sic which limited my ability to go only 6 blocks from my house last year, so I know how humiliating/frustrating/feeling helpless such left me feeling - which is sucky in a major way.

    Neurological Conditions: fatigue and extreme fatigue


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  • I was going to wiseacre about 'fear of receiving postcards of the Taj Mahal' but unfortunately this one's a bit serious.

    March 12, 2009