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  • Behind.

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  • adverb behind
  • preposition behind


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From Middle English athinden, æthinden, from Old English æthindan ("behind, after"), equivalent to at- +‎ hind.


  • Max was trying to make out among scores the black stone "ahint" which he was to throw his "flee," and in a kind of desperation he gave the rod a wave as if it was a great cart-whip, and threw.

    Three Boys or the Chiefs of the Clan Mackhai

  • (Then again apart to his unseen associate behind the screen) Mysie, kill the brood-hen without thinking twice on it; let them care that come ahint.

    The Bride of Lammermoor

  • I canna depone to having ever seen ane mysell, but, I ance heard ane whistle ahint me in the moss, as like a whaup

    The Black Dwarf

  • I mak no charges: I leave none ahint me: not a single word.

    Hard Times

  • Here a 'em, thinking aye that ye was riding no far ahint us, and when a hears a gallopin' an 'turns roond, ye've santed, an' here's a pack o 'thae bluidy dragoons that wad blast ye black in the face an' speir the inside oot o 'a wheelbarra.

    Stories of the Border Marches

  • "The beasts might maybe get through, but they wad leave the carriage ahint them."

    Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 17, No. 097, January, 1876

  • "Keep oot o 'the licht, lass, and rin nae risk; gang in ahint yon press door," he said to the girl, when the men outside began firing at the windows.

    Stories of the Border Marches

  • When the cabbage test was tried at a party where Mike was present, six stalks were found to be white, but Mike's was "all black an 'fowl wi' worms an 'slugs, an' wi 'a real bad smell ahint it."

    The Book of Hallowe'en

  • There's a wee bit cairn there, ye ken, wi 'a piece lound water ahint it, where they jaloused the fish wad rest himsel a wee.

    Stories of the Border Marches

  • "Na, I canna come in," he answered in a low voice; "John Telfer's ahint the onstead, wantin 'to speak to ye."

    Stories of the Border Marches


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