from The Century Dictionary.

  • Perhaps; per-adventure; possibly.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adverb Scotch Perhaps; possibly.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From able +‎ -lings.


  • Scotch lady had regarding certain passages in the history of the early Jews — that it was a long time ago, and aiblins it was no true.

    Travels in West Africa

  • Aiblins he killed the old laird; aiblins he didna.

    My Bones Will Keep

  • '"' Tis a moonlicht nicht, my Lord Claverhouse," he cries; "we'll hunt oor quarry ower muir an' fell, an 'aiblins hae mair luck than we had i' the day; we'll run the auld brock to ground before dawn, I'll hand ye a handfu 'o' Jacobuses. "

    Border Ghost Stories

  • 'Then aiblins,' replied the elder, stooping and knocking the ashes from his pipe against the fender, 'there micht be a bit gliff, an' this bit paper micht come in gey useful by way o 'stirrin' up his conscience the whilk, I'm thinkin ', has been growin' stiff i 'his auld age.

    Border Ghost Stories

  • 'Onnyway, naethin' came o't, 'continued Ringan, imbibing thoughtfully from his glass,' but what I'm thinkin 'the noo is that aiblins anither ghaist-gliff micht do a body I ken o' a guid turn. '

    Border Ghost Stories

  • He thocht aiblins if the bank manager saw it he micht "pairt" -- but deevil

    Border Ghost Stories

  • 'It's either the storm, or aiblins a ghaist, or else some one's playin' tricks on baith o 'us.'

    Border Ghost Stories

  • Twa hundred punds wull provide for his upbringin ', an' aiblins turn him into a meenister at the finish. '

    Border Ghost Stories

  • Weel, ye'll ken him, an 'aiblins,' here the speaker took up the bellows and thoughtfully assisted the fire's respiration, 'aiblins it wud be a ceevil matter to offer to gie him a night's lodgin', for it's a gey lang way up frae the auld toon, an 'the manager's gettin' gey white aboot the pow. '

    Border Ghost Stories

  • Yon were twa bonny wee brithers, aiblins ten years old, that came marching off, with bare knees and ribbed woollen stockings and little tweed jackets.

    Plum Pudding Of Divers Ingredients, Discreetly Blended & Seasoned


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  • adv. perhaps (OSPD)

    December 10, 2006