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  • noun Same as ælaurophobia.

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  • noun An irrational fear or hatred of cats or other felines.

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  • noun a morbid fear of cats


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Ancient Greek αἴλουρος (ailuros, "cat") + -phobia.


  • The correct word for describing hatred of cats is "ailurophobia".

    Being Catty

  • Most of said adjectives are formed off the latin roots -- equine, feline, bovine, etc. (although - phobias are, naturally, formed off the Greek; hence ailurophobia for fear of cats, instead of something like felinophobia, which would mix a Greek suffix on a Latin root -- eek, cringe).

    Breakfast in Bed

  • Your friend Chip's ailurophobia acts up every Halloween.

    infoplease - Daily Almanac

  • Napoleon, Genghis Khan, and Mussolini all had ailurophobia, a morbid and irrational fear of domestic felines.


  • Bolsheviks Bolshephobia books bibliophobia bound (being) or tied up merinthophobia bowel movements (painful) defecaloesiophobia brain disease meningitophobia bridges (crossing) gephyrophobia buildings (high) batophobia bullets ballistophobia (see also missiles) bulls taurophobia buried alive (being) taphephobia cancer carcinomophobia cats ailurophobia

    pangsuan Diary Entry

  • And that’s saying a lot considering my ailurophobia and ursaphobia.

    Your Big Fat Election Brain Dump, 1/11/08 « Whatever


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  • My mom suffers from this. It is a bizarre fear. She freaks out at the mere sight of even the tiniest of cats. I mean shrieking, freaking nutso-cuckoo.

    February 19, 2008

  • I feel sorry for her. In my opinion, cats are the best domestic animals ever.

    February 19, 2008

  • mmhmm. People say dog is a "Mans Best Friend" . I think picking up and stepping on dog poop is the"Best Idea Yet"...Well until cats were domesticated.

    June 18, 2012