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  • On a wider scale, Arya adds, the term alay encompasses people like Ophi who think that messing with letters is a trend to follow.

    The Jakarta Post Breaking News

  • The word alay has no exact meaning or obvious derivation; it seems to have come out of nowhere.

    The Jakarta Post Breaking News

  • Many of the cattle were with young, 'aloth -- "giving suck";' alay -- "upon me" or, as we should say, "upon my hands."

    Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1

  • Reports I received from shouf after the alay clashes had it that the durzis were celebrating another victory, because (as they had it at the time) only two psp men were wounded while the hizb (or whoever was doing the fighting there) lost at least 12 men.

    Sunday, May 25, 2008

  • To my knowledge, in fact, neither side has confirmed their losses from alay.

    Sunday, May 25, 2008

  • The piece does mention halba and the north, as it does alay, but only in passing because unless they had succeeded in escalating the conflict and dragging hizbullah into a country-wide civil-sectarian conflict these loyalist-initiated attacks were peripheral to the central discussion.

    Sunday, May 25, 2008

  • Yet by explaining why these divisions systematically arise and sociologically recur, we can anticipate and alay the rise of misplaced optimism in the future.

    Bill Gray and the Atlantic Meridional Mode « Climate Audit

  • Bu sistemde, sadece edenler askeri ve oy hakkı vatandaşlık alabilirsiniz hizmet vermektedir. demokrasi "başarısızlık sonra yer alarak," Bu bir dünya suçlarından hızlı adalet ile karakterize bir infaz davalı sonra saatler sürer zaman olarak suçlu bulunur ve televizyon olduğunu, lisans, hangi ulaşmak daha kolaydır çocuk sahibi için gerekli vatandaşlık ve gizlilik daha az belirgin intrüzyonlar, okul notları gibi büyük font öğrencinin adını ile birlikte, varlık arka böylece diğer öğrenciler olabilir alay ki bu düşük puanları. 2004 »Mayıs»

  • Film Riefenstahl kamera teknikleri heykeli "Thinker" arka selamlayarak görülür alay eder. 2004 »Mayıs»

  • Chaplin her fırsatta Üçüncü Riech stilini alay eder. 2004 »Mayıs»


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  • alay from OE alecgan

    1. To mix; to reduce or lower by mixing;

    2. To place, lay down, throw down, suppress, lay aside, cease from, lay low; depress; to apply.

    He must beware of alle such thinges as may chafe him: if he drinketh wine let him alaye it, or let it be soure.

    — Hulibush's Homish Apothecary, fol. 41.

    Take creme of almondes, and alay hit with flour of rys, ...

    - Warner, Antiq. Culin., p. 83.

    Take almandes blanched, grynd hem, and alay hem up with the same broth. — Forme of Cury, p.10.

    April 5, 2013