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  • n. A type of lyrical poetry, traditionally Provençal, about lovers who must part at dawn.
  • n. A white-flowered shrub rose of the hybrid Rosa × alba.
  • n. A flower of the hybrid Rosa × alba.
  • n. Plural form of album.

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  • n. White fibrous nerve-tissue, as distinguished from the gray or cellular.


First attested in 1821; from the Occitan alba, ultimately from the Latin albus ("white"); compare the Spanish alba ("dawn"). (Wiktionary)
First attested in 1848; from the Latin alba (the feminine form of albus, “white”) in the now-disused species name of binomial nomenclature Rosa alba (it is now considered a hybrid and is accordingly called Rosa × alba). (Wiktionary)
First attested in 1859; from the Latin alba, the nominative plural form of album ("blank tablet"), whence the English album. (Wiktionary)


  • The alb, form the Latin word alba, or “white,” is the full-length garment symbolizing our baptismal purity, and the robes of righteousness Christ offers us by his grace.

    An Instructed Eucharist

  • January 31st, 2007 at 7: 47 pm jessica alba is fit! poppa smurf Says:

    Jessica Alba – Oscars 2006 Post Show Video

  • The word alba, indeed, meets us not infrequently in connection with ecclesiastical vesture in the first seven centuries, but we cannot safely argue from the identity of the name to the identity of the thing.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 1: Aachen-Assize

  • Charlize Theron + Katherine Heigl + Ali Larter …. and jessica alba will be the female D'Artagnan ..!!!

    The Three Musketeers Will Return to the Big Screen Too?! «

  • Sechuan Button is a term coined by Koppert Cress for Acmella oleracea, a plant developed through cultivation of Acmella alba, which is native to Peru and Brazil.

    Sechuan Buttons: The Taste of Electricity

  • Pods of both species are beige to off-white, from which the species name alba, or white, originates.

    Chapter 10

  • Pods of both species are beige to offwhite, from which the species name alba, or white, originates.

    Chapter 45

  • In West Africa, there are three recognised types: nigra, widespread in Mali, with small tubers and blackish skin; rubra, with small reddish-gray or reddish-yellow tubers; and alba, which is whitish.

    Chapter 19

  • When between these intervals the process of union happens likewise to be arrested, malformations are the result; and of these the following are examples: -- Extrusion of the bladder at the hypogastrium is caused by a congenital hiatus at the lower part of the linea alba, which is in the median line; Epispadias, which is an urethral opening on the dorsum of the penis; and

    Surgical Anatomy

  • Anemone Japonica alba are the finest I have ever seen, each one sending up perhaps a dozen slender stalks of the beautiful flowers.

    A Woman's Hardy Garden


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  • known in biology (and scrabble) as the white matter of the brain.

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  • Known in English as Scotland.

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