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  • noun A genus of ruminating mammals, comprising the European elk and the American moose: synonymous with Alces (which see). See elk.


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  • Si la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente ya era imitación del peor de los congresos, hoy será peor, una vulgar secretaría del gobierno que baje la cabeza y alce la mano.

    Ecuador's Constutient Assembly President Steps Down

  • And, personably speaking, they can make their beaux to my alce, as Hillary Allen sang to the opernnine knighters.

    Finnegans Wake

  • "Well, if any man on earth can make it, bet your _alce_ Scot will."

    The Red-Blooded Heroes of the Frontier

  • Ef I had one, you-all kin gamble yer _alce_ all bets would be off with them painted dance-hall beer jerkers, an 'it would be out in th' brush fo 'me while th' corks was poppin ', gals cussin', red-eye flowin ', an' chips rattlin '.

    The Red-Blooded Heroes of the Frontier

  • Leaving this place, we entered the next gaming-hall, when our man again bet nineteen dollars alce on the first card.

    The Outlet

  • Again he won, and we went the length of the street, Runt wagering nineteen dollars alce on the first card for ten consecutive times without losing a bet.

    The Outlet

  • ■ Tcrfaci non intec bona unias, & iura alce* zilisfecuadumfe, neque; incer iura unius»,

    Quaestiones disputandae de gratia, ex praelectionibus

  • mi : cana : larθiaś : zanl : velχinei : seθra alce

    The kourotrophos Maffei

  • Hercynian forests, enumerates the _alce_, "in colour and configuration approaching the goat, but surpassing it in size, its head destitute of horns _and its limbs of joints_, whence it can neither lie down to rest, nor rise if by any accident it should fall, but using the trees for a resting-place, the hunters by loosening their roots bring the _alce_ to the ground, so soon as it is tempted to lean on them." [

    Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon


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