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  • n. The condition of being alien


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  • But no mention of the nastiness, sheer malevolence and bullying of the Republican Party and its cheerleaders - like those who refer to Barack Hussein Obama, but not John Sydney McCain - because they want to suggest the Democrat's "alienness" without being quite that explicit ...

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Rob G writes, about the right, "... because they want to suggest the Democrat's" alienness "without being quite that explicit ...".

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • An interesting memoir of life as a Chinese girl growing up in California, very much concentrating on the Chinese family background and history, including untold stories, the nearness of myth and of symbolism, the alienness of the Californian environment (the "ghosts" of the title are non-Chinese people).

    July Books 24) The Plotters, by Gareth Roberts

  • But it was not merely his alienness and his growing desire to return to his Chinese flesh-pots that constituted the problem.

    Chun Ah Chun

  • James Enge on Star Trek, specifically on the dwindling uniqueness of actors: "If I [...] were in charge of rebooting the Star Trek franchise, I'd be trying [to] represent a wider cross-section of humanity ... and I'd be trying to find some actors who can maybe project a little alienness even before they go into makeup (or the CGI equivalent)."

    February 2009

  • The alienness of the planet that Hostetler and his patients inhabit is usually subtle, but at one point it is brought sharply into focus.

    Tides from the New Worlds: The Shackles of Freedom « A Working Title

  • The work of making it accessible isn't so different from the work of taking some scientific or alien concept or futuristic culture and making it both accessible to a reader without gutting it of its alienness.


  • He catches the alienness of the Doctor's motivation and manner very well.

    March Books 21) Time and Relative

  • The planet on which he lands has people of alien biology (tentacle arms and different sense organs) and alien physics (new colors, a technique that Lovecraft would also use to indicate alienness), but no monolithic culture.

    Philosophy Swirling Around an Exotic Sun

  • Take away his time travelling alienness and the character simply disappears.

    TFV and me (mostly TFV) on fannish AUs


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