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  • n. Lack of value; the state or condition of being valueless.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The character of being valueless; worthlessness.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. having none of the properties that endow something with value


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  • Uh I wish I could explain that last post as an antipost, a comment on the growing valuelessness of ceaseless talk, but in truth I clearly just did something wrong, CMS-wise, and was doing stuff IRL until just now.

    Nothing To Say | ATTACKERMAN

  • That is what one would expect and it further reinforces the relative valuelessness of current GE polling.

    General Election Polls Show Hillary And Obama Roughly Even Against McCain In Pennsylvania

  • According to most sane economists like Paul Krugman, financial institutions are in this mess partly because they refuse to acknowledge the relative valuelessness of their mortgage assets.

    Leonce Gaiter: Every Man For Himself, Said The Elephant Among The Chickens

  • Lets face it, no player has the brains of Sherlock Holmes or the telepathic powers to probe the GM's mind to work out the significance of clues and the valuelessness of red herrings.

    October 11th, 2005

  • After that she was an American girl, and then a heroine; and she was often studied against foreign backgrounds, in contrast with other international figures, and her value ascertained in comparison with their valuelessness, though sometimes she was portrayed in those poses of flirtation of which she was born mistress.

    Different Girls

  • He laid stress upon the valuelessness of birth, and the saving power of God's grace to the pagan who has come to recognize Him, in language which

    Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria

  • I had become a disciple of Lys 'fleeting philosophy of the valuelessness of human life.

    The Land That Time Forgot

  • Of the valuelessness of the one, Cain, Ham, and Esau are types; of the supreme worth of the other, Abraham, who is set up as the model of the excellent man brought up among idolaters, but led by the Divine oracle, revealed to his mind, to embrace the true idea of God.

    Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria

  • He laid stress upon the valuelessness of birth, and the saving power of God's grace to the pagan who has come to recognize Him, in language which Christian commentators call incredible in a Jew, but which was in fact typical of the common feeling at Alexandria.

    Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria

  • Until the Russian war of 1904-05 had demonstrated the utter valuelessness of Tsarism as an international military factor, Japan had been almost willing to resign herself to a subordinate role in the Far East.

    The Fight for the Republic in China


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