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  • Well, ex Elspetho semper aliquid novi, thinks I, who'd have believed it, and thank God she's on my side.


  • Hence, esse essentiae is created first; next comes, through information, esse aliquid per essentiam; finally, the whole essence thus composed is placed in act.

    Hitler's Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

  • Per hoc enim quod intelligimus vel gaudemus, ad aliquod obiectum aliqualiter nos habere oportet: amor vero aliquid alicui vult; hoc enim amare dicimur cui aliquod bonum volumus, secundum modum praedictum.

    Quitting Smoking

  • During the Middle Ages, it is customary for philosophers to refer to relations not only by Aristotle's term, ˜toward something™ (or ad aliquid, the verbatim Latin equivalent of pros ti), but also by two others as well:

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • ˜Disposition™ (habitudo) or ˜relative disposition™ (habitudo relativa), which suggests that relations account for the way a thing ˜holds itself toward something™ (se habere ad aliquid);

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • These same considerations also help to explain why, in referring to the members of this category, Albert prefers the concrete terms ˜toward something™ (ad aliquid) and ˜relative™

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • Now the most general genus in the arrangement of this predicable is toward something (ad aliquid), or relative

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • Esse existentiae is the actualization of esse essentiae, just as esse aliquid per existentiam is the actualization of esse aliquid per essentiam, though this is not a matter of things, elements or different parts, but only of different intentions.

    Hitler's Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

  • Medievals refer to the predicates in question as ˜relative terms™ (ad aliquid or relativa), [9] and understand them, roughly speaking, as those terms whose true predication requires a comparison to something other than the subject of which they are predicated.

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • Sustainability of the Benguela: ex Africa semper aliquid novi.

    Benguela Current large marine ecosystem


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