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  • "It's mighty easy neut'alize ', er whatever you call it," said Josh sullenly.

    The Marrow of Tradition

  • Sat 12/05/09 6: 38 PM how many times have you even read the books? mr #1″ … if you even deserve that title. alize

    First look: 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' |

  • Firms try to ration alize what they do, and those rationalizations lead to a lot of unemployment.

    CNN Transcript Dec 14, 2008

  • At such speeds, only advanced computational nav-igation systems allowed the Helion fighter to materi-alize right alongside the mere ship.

    The Chronicles of Riddick

  • "Des - tiny be over your own head!" he cried, and he was pleased to re - alize, as time rolled up the kitchen, the brandy flask, and him along with it, that he had just made a very pithy remark.

    Dragons of a Fallen Sun

  • Whenever there was so much as a whiff of trouble, at least one of the three Mord-Sith seemed to materi alize out of nowhere in her red leather.

    Temple of the Winds

  • She tried to ration - alize it away; she tried to argue against it.

    The Elf Queen of Shannara

  • As long as men re - alize that there is some greater Power outside themselves,

    Merlin's Mirror

  • A truly human nature can be fulfilled only on the assumption that an environment can be created within which the individual can actu - alize all his potentialities.


  • They conceptu - alize basic phenomena in human life: the good, that men are purposive or goal-seeking beings who have desires and aspirations; and the right, that men carry on their lives in groups that require some modes of organization and regulation involving practices, rules, and institutions.



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