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  • The substantive limitation may therefore be enforced against a government independently of the second re - quirement, that is, a government may not have any power whatever to act regardless of the excellence of its procedural methods; or, even if it has such a sub - stantive power, it may be acting poorly in its proce - dural method.


  • These texts and these ideas of such diverse historical origin all concurred, at least as they were interpreted, in authorizing the idea that religious conformity, obtained, if necessary, by force, was a beneficent re - quirement at all levels.


  • To meet this objec - tion Sidgwick modified the greatest happiness formula by making the equal distribution of happiness a re - quirement as well as its maximization.


  • Potokomik and I started in at once to learn what we could of each other's language, and it is wonderful how much can be accomplished in the ac - quirement of a vocabulary in a short time and how few words are really necessary to convey ideas.

    The Long Labrador Trail

  • M, Gaber R. F (1998) R.quirement for Hsp90 and a CyP-40-type cyclophilin in negative regulation of the heat shock response.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • A similar re - quirement applies to issued commitments to provide a loan at a below-market interest rate.

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  • We just revise the equation by adding a necessary profit re - quirement-this is why they call it cost-volume-profit analysis: Sales − Variable Costs − Fixed Costs = Profit x − (69. 9%) x − $100, 000 = $240, 000

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  • This is an attractive proposition because the owner of assets used in business may deduct an annual amount corresponding to the depreciation of those assets, subject only to the re - quirement that it lower the basis of those assets by an equal amount.

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  • The boundaries of the AC re-quirement have expanded, which has allowed new AC courses to reflect recent scholarship, says Robinson.


  • According to the consensus, if an entity has an obligation under a minimum funding re - quirement to pay contributions to cover an existing shortfall on the minimum funding basis in respect of services already received, the entity shall determine whether the contributions payable will be available as a refund or reduction in future contributions after they are paid into the plan.

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