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  • adjective Of, relating to, or containing an alkali.
  • adjective Having a pH greater than 7.
  • adjective Having a relatively low concentration of hydrogen ions.
  • adjective Of or relating to a common disposable battery made of zinc and manganese dioxide.

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  • Pertaining to alkali; having the properties of an alkali.

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  • adjective Of or pertaining to an alkali or to alkalies; having the properties of an alkali.
  • adjective certain substances, as lime, baryta, strontia, and magnesia, possessing some of the qualities of alkalies.
  • adjective potassium, sodium, cæsium, lithium, rubidium.
  • adjective a reaction indicating alkalinity, as by the action on limits, turmeric, etc.

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  • noun An alkaline battery.
  • adjective Of, or relating to an alkali, one of a class of caustic bases.
  • adjective chemistry Having a pH greater than 7.

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  • adjective relating to or containing an alkali; having a pH greater than 7


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First attested in 1677. From alkali, ultimately from Arabic القلي (al-qaly, "ashes of the saltwort"), from قلى (qalā, "to roast in a pan, fry").


  • One has to understand that when the term alkaline or acid is used it is the state of the ash of the metabolized food that is being measured.

    American Chronicle

  • For, if we first use perhydrol as oxidizing agent in alkaline solution and then acidify with nitric acid, sulphur is not precipitated and fully correct results are obtained.

    Fritz Pregl - Nobel Lecture

  • Recipe for tortillas: – Soften corn in alkaline water, then grind it fine, pat into round cakes, and bake on a thin, iron pan.

    Six Months in Mexico

  • Private label alkaline battery sales rose 5.5 percent, in dollars, to a 18.9 percent share during the latest 52 week period, according to IRI.


  • * CVS chooses Duracell, private-label alkaline batteries * Chain says will still sell Energizer lithium batteries By Jessica Wohl - Articles related to Popular Mom Bloggers Pen New Humor Book About Modern Motherhood, Hit The Road To Meet Real Moms

  • But this year it is a little bit different, because there is a thing that they put into the gas called alkaline which is an additive for summer grade gasoline and that is in short supply.

    CNN Transcript Apr 12, 2008

  • The lakes can be characterized as alkaline, moderately hardwater lakes of relatively high mineral content, and are eutrophic.

    Ecoregions of Florida (EPA)

  • When phosphate levels are low in surface waters, phytoplankton excrete extracellular enzymes called alkaline phosphatases, which have the ability to free phosphate bound to organic molecules.

    Chemical properties of lakes

  • Worse than the itchiness although Ferris might disagree is the fact that blood tests have revealed high levels of something called alkaline phosphatase, which may indicate the presence of liver disease.

    Poor Ferris

  • It uses giant pressure cookers to execute a process known as alkaline hydrolysis, which has been shown to liquefy a 700 kilogram cow into 35 kilograms of bone remnants and 1500 litres of a solution of water, sugar and fat within eight hours.

    Archive 2005-09-01


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