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  • verb Present participle of ally.


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  • Besides her choice in allying with Ace, she seems like a smart cookie.

    Tina Fey is unemployed : Bev Vincent

  • However, and despite the efforts in allying itself as partner in trade with Canada and the United States unexpected political and economical events in the early 1990's have conspired to delay achievement of this goal.

    Mexican history: a brief summary

  • On June 21 Humphrey told reporters that he was "very interested" in allying himself with Shriver.


  • In the process, he has also succeeded in allying France, Germany and Russia against him.


  • “Real intellectuals,” Said writes, “are never more themselves than when, moved by metaphysical passion and disinterested principles of justice and truth, they denounce corruption, defend the weak, defy imperfect or oppressive authority.” (p. 6) Said is uninterested in allying with the victors and the rulers whose very stability he sees as a kind of “state of emergency” for the less fortunate; he chooses instead to account for “the experience of subordination itself, as well as the memory of forgotten voices and persons.” (p. 35)

    June « 2006 « Bill Ayers

  • It was galling, no doubt; his pride must have bled at the idea of allying his name with that of such low folks as the Saccos.

    The Three Cities Trilogy: Rome, Complete

  • This was achieved by exhausting the Syrian regime with sanctions, intensifying its siege by allying with the GCC countries, and by the League of Arab States finally -- even if quite belatedly -- taking a stance and offer to send a delegation to visit Damascus -- an offer that was rejected by the Syrian regime.

    Raghida Dergham: How Will Iran and Hezbollah Respond to the Syrian Regime's Predicament?

  • Johnson, a natural athlete if ever there was one, produces his power by allying a wince-inducing swing with unshakable belief that everything will be all right at the moment of impact.

    Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson add power to USA's Ryder Cup bid

  • We believe that allying closely with these organizations and we give Amazon a lot of feedback on how they can make the Kindle more suitable for our needs will make it easier for us to leverage their work for maximal impact successfully.

    Dinkar Jain: Gutenberg 2.0: Kindling the Reading Habit

  • Anand Gopal says:"The US is really a fundamental force for instability in Afghanistan … allying with local actors – warlords, commanders, government officials – who've really been creating a nightmare for Afghans, especially in the countryside, and with the night raids, breaking into people's homes, airstrikes, just the daily life under occupation."

    Afghanistan: time for the US to go | Amy Goodman


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