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  • v. Present participle of shy.


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shy +‎ -ing


  • The word on the street is that comedians are kind of shying away from making fun of Obama.

    CNN Transcript Nov 23, 2008

  • It's slimming, but I think we saw so much of it at the SAG Awards and the Golden Globes that the women are kind of shying more towards the pinks and the reds, the burgundy, a little more color.

    CNN Transcript Mar 24, 2002

  • If we had been born Hindoos, we should, at such times, exhibit our skittish tendencies, "shying" at the sun-eating monster with nervous apprehension, and should doubtless do our best, through horrid yells and tintinnabulations, towards getting up a tremendous counter-irritation upon the earth that should tell mightily on the nerves of this umbratilous tiger in the heavens.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 12, No. 71, September, 1863

  • A less profitable way he had of accomplishing the same thing was by throwing, or, as youthful Americans phrase it, "shying," stones at passers-by, concealing himself meanwhile behind a screen.

    Strange Stories from History for Young People

  • The first thing I see wrong here is he isn't meeting the exercise, he's kind of shying away from the curls to start off with.


  • Riccabocca, and evinced symptoms of that surprise and superstitious repugnance at unknown objects which goes by the name of "shying") -- looked askance at Riccabocca.

    My Novel — Volume 04

  • No one got within a foot of him, everyone shying around him to place orders at the counter, reach for ketchup.

    How to Flirt with A Naked Werewolf

  • The US war machine will make sure that future profits are not jeopardized by US politicians going soft and shying away from military action, rattled by the prospect of having to face justice some time down the road.

    George Bush: no escaping torture charges | Katherine Gallagher

  • However, rather than shying away from it as a more difficult approach, my hangup about it was that my brain kept telling me it would be the cheap way out, a cop out.

    The Magic of Perspective «

  • Eminem is known for shying away from television and radio interviews, but after Reed's persistent requests, he granted her a 15-minute phone interview.

    WATCH: Middle School Student Lands Eminem Interview For School Newspaper


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