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  • noun Plural form of altruist.


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  • Which means, of course, that Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds and Tim Berners-Lee - to name but a few of those so-called "altruists" - are, in Microsoft's opinion, nothing but liars or utterly self-deluded....

    How Sad is That, Microsoft?

  • Using outdated words such as "altruists" to represent the forces of evil who would overburden the poor, beleaguered American business community, Rand

    The Rule of Reason

  • If 80 percent of a group is altruistic, it does better than a group that is enriched with only 20 percent altruists.


  • It seems that the altruists felt that they had already contributed enough.


  • Different groups have different fitnesses, depending on the proportion of altruists.


  • So while selection within groups favors selfishness, those groups with many altruists do better.


  • But without the altruists, the free riders risk losing their money too.


  • When, for example, Karl and I made the simulation more realistic and allowed for mutations, or mistakes in an evolving population of players, then we saw cooperation and defection wax and wane over time, as those with a good reputation are actually undermined by indiscriminate altruists who help anyone, no matter how well or badly the latter have behaved in the past.


  • So we come to the conclusion that without altruists there is no incentive to free ride.


  • This aspect of the game adds a little twist: the free riders now have to rely on the altruists to save the climate.



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