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  • A. altus is poorly known, but not as poorly known as A. fragillimus: it was first described for vertebrae, a pubic bone and a femur (Cope 1878), but a scapula, coracoid, ulna and partial skull were later referred to it.

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  • Some sources note that "alt" is derived from the Latin word "altus," which means "high," referring to the rising yeast.

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  • Oklahoma main & wayne 1610 n main st altus ok hwy 66 & country club 1100 s lynn riggs blvd claremore ok

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  • Origin: “altus,” Latin for higher; and “Google,” geek for wildly popular Internet search engine developed by an excessively rich and rapidly growing technology company of the same name. on 04 Sep 2007 at 1: 26 pm Kathleen Bolton

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  • Carpenter argues in his new paper that, in fact, A. fragillimus seems to have differed from A. altus in a number of anatomical details, and that the two might not have been congeneric after all.

    Biggest sauropod ever (part…. II)

  • Several authors have thought so, and in fact have gone so far as to state that ‘it is doubtful … if the characters described by Cope warrant the placing of the type [of A. fragillimus] in another species different from A. altus’ (Osborn & Mook 1921, p. 279), or ‘there is no reason not to consider [A. fragillimus] a very large individual of A. altus’ (McIntosh 1998, p. 502).

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  • Based on these remains, A. altus was similar in size to Diplodocus carnegii and probably around 25 m long (Paul 1994a, b), and it is particularly interesting among diplodocoids in that its femora were markedly elongate and slender.

    Biggest sauropod ever (part…. II)

  • Some workers have regarded A. altus as particularly close to Diplodocus, in which case it would be a diplodocid diplodocoid, and probably a diplodocine diplodocid diplodocoid.

    Biggest sauropod ever (part…. II)

  • In fact it strongly resembles the vertebrae of the first named species of Amphicoelias, A. altus, which Cope described in February 1878.

    Biggest sauropod ever (part…. II)

  • The four-voice Puisque ma dame/Je m'en voy combines its primary poem with a second, incompletely preserved text in the contratenor altus in a way that finds no counterpart among songs of the period.

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  • L altus (adjective) = 1. high, lofty; 2. deep; 3. profound (wisdom); 4. loud, deep (sound); 5. intense (heat, cold); 6. thick (fog); 7. high-born; 8. tall; 9. shrill; 10. noble; 11. deep-rooted; 12. far-fetched.

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