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  • n. Plural form of alveolus.

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  • n. Plural of alveolus.


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  • Within alveoli, oxygen from inhaled air is absorbed into the bloodstream in exchange for carbon dioxide waste that is exhaled.


  • At the end of each bronchiole are tiny sacs called alveoli, each one of them lined with a thin layer of fluid that keeps each alveolus open.

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  • The lungs contain tiny air sacs known as alveoli and bronchioles, the narrow passages leading to the air sacs which become permanently distended with air under this condition.

    Natural Remedies for Curing Emphysema

  • The lungs that look like a pair of pink sponges in our chest, for example, contain about 600 million tiny air sacks called alveoli and have 750 woven miles of blood vessels.

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  • Finding its way into the smallest divisions of the lungs, called the alveoli, the air comes very near a large surface of blood.

    Physiology and Hygiene for Secondary Schools

  • The lung is composed of networks of increasingly tiny airways which, if laid out end-to-end, would extend for 1,500 miles, as well as tiny air sacs called alveoli which, if flattened, would have the surface area of a tennis court. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Buried in the depths of healthy lung tissue, tiny groups of cells called alveoli stretch open to accommodate oxygen with each breath and then remove carbon dioxide during exhalation. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Lungs contain tiny groups of cells called alveoli, which are lined with a layer of epithelial cells that serve as a critical barrier. News Feed

  • The device, about the size of a pea, mimics the function of air sacs called alveoli, which transfer oxygen through a thin membrane from the lung to the blood. Top Stories

  • The lung contains an intricate branching architecture of airways, blood vessels, and hundreds of millions of tiny sacs, called alveoli, where gases are exchanged. Most Popular


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