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  • n. A traditional sweet nutritious low alcohol drink from Japan, made from fermented rice.


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From Japanese 甘酒


  • 'Amail' The shrilling call of the seller of amazake, sweet rice wine.

    Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan First Series

  • Sawako is happy Shota enjoyed amazake for the first time, but he informs her that she's witnessed several of his "first times." Antenna

  • Although Shota doesn't usually like amazake, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to loosen up. Antenna

  • Meanwhile, Ryuu gets tired of waiting around and decides to go get some amazake before heading home. Antenna

  • Merely "average" foods include amazake, agave nectar and spelt. Main RSS Feed

  • I went to Meiji Jinja (the biggest shrine in Tokyo - along with the throngs of everyone elseã€ã ‚ ã „ ã˜ã˜ã ‚ "ã˜ã ‚ ƒã€æ˜Žæ²»ç¥žç¤¾) haha and afterwards drank a cup of sweet wine (amazake (㠂 ã¾ã-ã'ã€ç" ˜é … 'ï¼ ‰ - which isn't not wine at all since there's virtually no alcohol content) to symbolically signify "coming of age."

    MIT Admissions


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  • A sweet and slightly alcoholic drink made from cooked rice and koji. Commonly sold by street vendors in Japan.

    March 10, 2007