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  • n. Respect for oneself; self-esteem.

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  • n. Alternative form of amour propre.


French : amour, love + propre, own.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • At the center of La Rochefoucauld's masterpiece is the notion of amour-propre , best translated as self-regard.

    Puncturing Our Pretensions

  • "I had to become rapidly self-supporting as I had no trust fund, no alimony, no amour-propre."

    In the Domain of the Earth Mother of Burgundy

  • Any exhibition on the wealth of a nation's royal class is an exhibition of the inflated amour-propre of men with money and armies at their beck.

    Larissa Archer: Asian Art Museum's "Maharaja" Overlooks Crucial Cultural Questions in India

  • Henry Farrell on Crooked Timber defends the European Parliament: ... complaints about the self-importance and amour-propre of MEPs seem to me to really miss the point.

    Things that caught my eye

  • What we got was a president who suffers from amour-propre.

    Ashley Rindsberg: Mr. President, You Are Sick With Self Love

  • It might be that Mr. Obama doesn't suffer from amour-propre on a personal level; after all, he is an accomplished man with a close family, and maybe even a sense of proportion.

    Ashley Rindsberg: Mr. President, You Are Sick With Self Love

  • Rousseau contrasted the disease of amour-propre with the healthy amour-de-soi, a love of self which motivates a man to protect himself and his life without really caring how others see him (but still acting with pity and compassion, which Rousseau considered innate).

    Ashley Rindsberg: Mr. President, You Are Sick With Self Love

  • Whatever the justice of the situation-and I had to admit that at least some of it lay on his side-my sense of amour-propre was deeply offended at the thought of being beaten, by whomever and for whatever reason.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • Well, I could take the jolt to my amour-propre the more easily because while she'd been a prime ride and good company, she'd never had the magic that gets beneath your hide, like Yehonala or Lakshmi or Sonsee-array ... or Elspeth.


  • Whether she believed me, God knows, but she demanded particulars of a most intimate nature, inviting comparison between the Silk One and herself, and that inevitably led to another glorious thrashing-match which restored her amour-propre and left me in what I once heard a French naval officer describe as a condition of swoon.



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  • JM searched for an online amour-propre dating agency for a good friend of his.

    October 26, 2010

  • Self-love; self-respect.

    May 16, 2008