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  • n. Nautical, a beam of wood or iron placed at the upper end of the shank of an anchor transversely to the plane of the arms.
  • n. (See cuts under anchor.)


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  • Half-a-dozen more heaves and the anchor-stock showed above the water.

    Teddy The Story of a Little Pickle

  • The chain-cable was next unshackled from the ring in the anchor-stock and rattled down into the locker in the fore-peak; after which, the starboard hawse-hole was plugged up to prevent any water from finding its way below through the orifice.

    The White Squall A Story of the Sargasso Sea

  • It was blowing fresh, and in consequence I desired the leaves of the anchor-stock to be triced up under the oars outside the boat, that in case of shipping

    A Sailor of King George

  • In front stood John Chandos in a party-colored jupon, one foot raised upon the anchor-stock, picking at the strings of his guitar and singing a song which he had learned at Marienburg when last he helped the Teutonic knights against the heathen.

    Sir Nigel

  • We found that the spritsail had caught in the anchor-stock in consequence of the hurry in lowering the sail and throwing anchor, but it was some time before we could discover what was the matter and get the anchor loose; it then held fast in three fathoms of water at a musket shot's distance from the reef and about as far from the shore.

    Journal of Jasper Danckaerts, 1679-1680

  • In front stood John Chandos in a party-colored jupon, one foot raised upon the anchor-stock, picking at the strings of his guitar and singing

    Sir Nigel

  • On climbing up to the deck, they found the poop pretty much the same, but the forward portion of the ship had all broken to pieces, hardly a timber being left, save part of the forefoot or cut-water, which had got jammed in between the rocks along with the anchor-stock, the heavy mass of iron belonging to which must have fallen down below the surface when the topgallant forecastle was washed away.

    The Wreck of the Nancy Bell Cast Away on Kerguelen Land

  • Ten minutes later the same boat was swinging at the brig's quarter - davits, and the brig herself, with her anchor-stock just showing above water, was moving slowly away towards the harbour-entrance under topsails and jib.

    The Pirate Island A Story of the South Pacific

  • "Up with it, then, men," returned the skipper; and in another minute, for we were only in some six-fathom water, the anchor-stock showed itself above the surface and was run up to the cathead.

    On Board the Esmeralda Martin Leigh's Log - A Sea Story

  • I sat upon the anchor-stock, my eyes fixed upon the old Ark, until gradually her outline grew fainter and fainter against the dark sky, and her black hull could scarcely be distinguished from the water beneath.

    Charles O'Malley — Volume 1


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