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  • n. A maid.
  • n. An auxiliary or accessory

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  • n. A genus of mollusks. See Ancillinæ.


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From Latin ancilla ("maid, slave-girl").


  • Revealed truth, given through the tra - dition to which one is committed, must be the ruling mistress; philosophy, through which the metaphors of scripture are harmonized with each other and with other systematic knowledge, must be ancillary (from ancilla, the Latin word for serving girl).

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • I afterwards to her house; but she did not come presently home; and there je did kiss her ancilla, which is so mighty belle; and I to my tailor's, and to buy me a belt for my new suit against to-morrow; and so home, and there to my Office, and afterwards late walking in the garden; and so home to supper, and to bed, after Nell's cutting of my hair close, the weather being very hot.

    Diary of Samuel Pepys, May 1668

  • (Mary's consent at the angel's annunciation tells us everything we need to know, except for most folks the connotation conjures up 'automobile company' or 'ex-nihilo' currency creation favored by political administrations who like to avoid concepts like "consent" not something young men desire to imitate: ancilla Domini heroism)

    Do you think "Consent is Sexy"?

  • Often the word servus is changed to the appropriate ancilla. 48 Or sometimes sorores is inserted into the text.

    Sensual Encounters: Monastic Women and Spirituality in Medieval Germany

  • Transposition and the combining of multiple cantus firmi are also prominent features of his remarkably long Missa ‘Ecce ancilla Domini’/‘Ne timeas Maria’, for which Du Fay's Missa ‘Ecce ancilla’/‘Beata es Maria’ apparently served as a point of departure.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • The masses on Se la face ay pale, L'Homme armé, Ecce ancilla Domini, and Ave regina coelorum are of this type; the Missa ‘Caput’ sometimes attributed to Dufay is now thought instead to be by an English composer.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • From this same decade date the earliest extant copies of his works the songs S'il vous plaist and Puisque ma dame, and the Missa ‘Ecce ancilla Domini’/‘Ne timeas Maria’.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Repentance is but the ancilla of art, as he might have put it elsewhere p.

    The enactment of moral experience

  • In the same context, Damian also makes a comment about applying dialectic to theology: when dialectic and other branches of human knowledge are applied to the investigation of theological matters, they must serve as a maid (ancilla) serves her mistress; they must not try to adopt the leading position.

    Peter Damian

  • Maritain held that philosophy was an ancilla theologiae, and that philosophy, under the rubric of metaphysical knowledge, allows for the demonstration of a number of basic religious beliefs.

    Jacques Maritain


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